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Medicine Ball Workout


Medicine ball Squat- Standing with feet shoulder width apart, drop your bottom to a 90 degree angle. Hold the medicine ball out from your chest and back up.

-3 sets of 15 reps each, 20 seconds rest between sets.


Medicine ball back to back torso twist-Stand back-to-back with a partner. Place your feet hip-width apart, pull your abs in tight, and keep your back straight. One person holds the medicine ball keeping elbows bent and the ball close to the body.Keep your feet planted and twist (from the waist) toward each other.

-3 set of 15 reps each, 20 seconds rest between sets.


Medicine Ball Burpee slam- Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Place the medicine ball in front of you and drop down into a burpee position. Make sure to keep your shoulders over your hands and your back flat when you sprawl at the bottom. Stand up and press the medicine ball completely over your head.

- 3 sets for 30 seconds each, 20 seconds rest in between.


Medicine Ball overhead forward lunge- Stand up straight with feet together. Hold a medicine ball in front of your chest with both hands.Lunge forward by taking a big step forward with your right foot. Lower your hips straight down so your torso is perpendicular to the floor and your weight is on the right foot, while lifting medicine ball overhead.

-3 sets for 15 reps, 20 seconds rest in between


Gavan Welty, NCCPT

Wenatchee Gold's Gyms

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RECIPE: Banana Oat Muffins


Recipe provided by

Daiam Navarro, CPT

Gold's Gym Wenatchee



Whats the Deal? Pre & Post Workout Shakes.

Fuel. Refuel. Repeat.
The three steps to cover when having a pre and post workout shake or drink in conjunction with your workout. Why does one need to have them you say?  Let's take a quick look as to the benefits of each.

Fuel(Pre) - A 2007 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that starting your workout nutrition with a protein-and-carbohydrate shake 30 minutes prior to exercise led to a significant reduction in cortisol(a hormone that could make you fat) up to one day following the training session. Also, studies have shown that whey protein taken prior to working out increases calorie burning over a 24 hour period. Burn baby, burn!
Refuel(Post) - Protein and Electrolytes -don't leave the gym without them! Simply put, BCAA's are what comprises protein and also what your body uses to rebuild and replenish those muscles you just put through a grueling spin class, or sweat-drenched Alloy session. Electrolytes-sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and phosphate. Forget to replenish those after a workout and it will definitely cramp your style in the next workout. (Get it? Never mind. Moving on.) 

Repeat - Habits aren't created overnight. If you want to reap the benefits of results-whatever they may be-then you need to keep sowing those repeated good habits. In conclusion, sweat and drink up!
Eric Penya
Golds Gym Wenatchee 

Trim Down Week 11!

We have been killing it with our 2016 Community Trim Down! So much fun and so much healthy! We are in week 11 already, can you even believe it!?!? Here is a quick peek at what we have going on this week!


Gold's Gym Stair Master Event

We have our third stair master event coming this week! Come run stadium stairs with us and get a killer workout in the main rink of the Town Toyota Center!

Wednesday, March 16th from 6:30-7:30pm
Questions? Call us at 509-663-4965



Gold's Gym & Complete Nutrition 5k Run/Walk


This Saturday we will be having our second Trim Down 5k Run/Walk!
This is free for everyone to participate in, no registration required!
The 5k will begin at Pybus Market.
All ages, animals, and strollers welcome!
The race will begin at 10:00am!