Gold's Gyms of Wenatchee Valley
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What's your Favorite Gold's Gym Group Exercise class?

We offer over 70 classses per week between our two locations! Which class is your favorite? Feel free to leave comments. We'd love to hear from you! [poll id="7"]

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If Hearts Could Talk

CONTROLLING AGING 10 WAYS TO HELP RETAIN YOUTH AND PROLONG THE ONSET OF AGING 1. MUSCLE MASS- Americans tend to lose 6.6 pounds of lean body mass each year with the rate accelerating after 45. CONTROL FACTOR: EXERCISE AND PROPER NUTRITION 2. STRENGTH- The average person loses 30 percent of his muscles and or nerves between age 20 and 70. Strength and size of remaining cells can be increased. CONTROL FACTOR: RESISTANCE TRAINING 3. CALORIES- At age 70 a person needs 500 fewer calories per day to maintain body weight. CONTROL FACTOR: REDUCE CALORIC INTAKE 4. BODY FAT- Fact: One in three Americans are clinically obese. The average 65-year old woman’s body is 43 percent fat compared to 25 percent at age 25. CONTROL FACTOR: EXERCISE AND PROPER NUTRITION 5. BLOOD PRESSURE- Most Americans show an increase in blood pressure with age. CONTROL FACTOR: EXERCISE AND PROPER NUTRITION 6. DIABETES- Some diabetes cases are caused by an increase in body fat and loss of muscle mass. “The couch potato!” CONTROL FACTOR: EXERCISE AND PROPER NUTRITION 7. CHOLESTEROL- Bad cholesterol leads to heart disease, good cholesterol helps protect against it. CONTROL FACTOR: EXERCISE AND PROPER NUTRTION 8. TEMPERATURE- The body’s ability to regulate temperature declines with age. “It’s ok to sweat!” CONTROL FACTOR: EXERCISE AND PROPER NUTRITION 9. BONE DENSITY- Fact: One million fractures per year are due to falls in women with osteoporosis. Bones lose mineral content and become weaker with age. CONTROL FACTOR- EXERCISE AND PROPER CALCIUM INTAKE 10. AEROBIC CAPACITY- The body’s efficient use of oxygen declines by 30 – 40 percent by age 65. CONTROL FACTOR: AEROBIC EXERCISE Adapated from Biomarkers by William Evans

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Check out this video of Kinesis!

If you've tried Kinesis give us your thoughts!

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Which is a better hike?

There are lots of great local hikes around Wenatchee. Pick your favorite of these two or add your own in the comments! [poll id="6"]

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